Cambodia e-Arrival Card will be officially launched on 1st July 2024 onwards.

Cambodia introduces a new E-arrival card, mandatory for all travelers, effective on July 1, 2024.

The Royal Government of Cambodia has introduced a new electronic arrival card process, known as the e-Arrival Card system, which will be implemented starting July 2024.

The e-Arrival card replaces the paper immigration form, health form and customs declaration, providing a convenient, all-in-one portal for arrival information. Visitors to Cambodia must now complete an application form, either on the official website or mobile app, at least 7 days before their trip.

After completing the form, the traveler should save or take a screenshot of the QR code before closing the e-Arrival card website.

If using the mobile app, the QR code will be retrievable after successful submission of the form. Upon arrival in Cambodia, travelers will simply need to show the QR code to the immigration officer.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a phone or internet connection – you can still fill out the e-Arrival form using the tablets available at most airports in Cambodia.

Be prepared and enjoy a smooth trip to Cambodia!

For more information:
Visit the official Cambodia E-arrival card website:

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