Advise for travellers going to India for tour


Herebelow are a few tips for travellers who are planning to go to India on conducted tours. All this tips are derived from feedback received from our clients.

  1. Please do carry some essential over the counter medication for simple illness such as headache, cough and cold.
  2. Always drink mineral water only, (recommended Aquafina, Bistleri). Please ensure the bottle that you received is sealed and opened by you and not pre- opened by the waiter. It is safe to consume hot drinks such as coffee or tea.
  3. Although it might be very tempting, please by all means avoid food at roadside eateries including fruits. Always look for decent and hygienic restaurants for all your meals. (most cases breakfast is complimentary at the hotels of your stay).
  4. During long journeys restroom facilities may not be available at certain routes, so it is highly recommended to relieve yourself before proceeding with such journey.
  5. Daybreak is around 5.30am (Malaysia time 8.00am) so it is best to wake up early and after an early breakfast, start your journey such you will not be caught in the traffic which normally builds up by 8.30am.
  6. If you are visiting temples in the same town, most temples open as early as 5.00 am so it is recommended for you to visit the temples and then later return to the hotel for breakfast.
  7. Don’t take chance travelling on highways after dusk (8.00pm onwards). Have an early dinner in time to wake up for the next morning.
  8. Always check in the morning to have small denominations of their local currency before departing the hotels. Since you might not be able to get change in temples and small towns. Please ensure that you reload your phones before your journey if you had bought local pre-paid phone lines for your trip.
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