What meals are served on board?

A typical question that many passengers ask is about the types of meals served on board. Below is the meal types and their respective codes just for your information:

Hindu (HNML)
No beef/veal or pork is used in the preparation of Hindu meals. However lamb, fowl, fish and milk products are allowed.

Muslim (MOML)
All food served on Malaysia Airlines is Halal.
Alcohol is forbidden; and the use of alcohol in cooking is prohibited.
Meat such as beef, lamb and chicken must be slaughtered according to Muslim rites.
Pork or pig products are forbidden.

Kosher (KSML)
These meals must conform to Jewish religious laws. It is important that these rules are strictly adhered to.
Pigs, rabbits and their products are forbidden.
Animals and poultry such as cows and chicken must be slaughtered in a special manner called Shechita.
Processed foods must be prepared under rabbinical supervision.
Milk and milk products are not be used in the preparation of meat meals or served with or immediately after meals.

Medical Diets
Bland Meals/Soft Meals (BLML)
The soft or bland meal is used as a transition diet. It is an adequate meal moderately low in fibre or roughage, fat and connective tissue found in red meat.

Diabetic Meal (DBML)
These meals are high in complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre. They are low in fat and with minimal sugar added.

High Fibre Meal (HFML)
Meals are similar to low-fat/cholesterol meals except that the amount or quantity served is reduced.

Low Cholesterol/Low Fat Meal (LFML)
These meals are low in total fat and dietary cholesterol, with minimum saturated fat and no added fat or fatty ingredients.

Low Salt (LSML)
No salt is used in the preparation of these meals and highly salted ingredients are avoided.

Gluten Free (GLML)
No wheat, rye, oats or barley are included in these meals, which are also suitable for those requesting a wheat-free diet.

Low Protein (LPML)
These meals have lower quantities of protein compared to other meals. They are intended for individuals suffering from kidney and liver diseases.

Non-Lactose (NLML)
These meals are planned without the use or addition of any milk or dairy products. They are intended for individuals who have difficulties in accepting milk or its by-products. Soya bean milk can be used as an alternative.

Low Purine
These meals are planned to reduce the amount of purine, which is commonly available in all foods.

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Meals (VGML)
Does not contain all by-products of animals. Margarine and cooking oil should be pure vegetable oils.

Western (Lacto-Ovo) Vegetarian (VLML)
Contains eggs and dairy products and all plant-derived foods, but not meat, poultry, fish or shellfish and their products.

Western (Non-Dairy) Vegetarian (VGML)
Contains only plant-derived foods, but does not contain dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, honey, fish or shellfish or their products.

Asian Indian Vegetarian (AVML)
Contains only plant-derived foods and dairy products. Meals are cooked Indian style.

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