ODISHA – Land of Temples

Odisha, (Orissa) is an eastern state in India. The land is a wholesome combination of pilgrimage, natural beauty, and diverse hub of culture and tradition. The artefacts and monuments of the state resemble exquisite craftsmanship and sculpture. Grab a glimpse of the state in all its forms in the succeeding sections.

Songkran Festival April 13 – 15, 2011

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AS mid-April’s temperature rises, ushering in the beginning of the hot season in Thailand, the whole country reverberates with the sounds of cheerful laughter and merry-making. The occasion is the Songkran festival, which ushers in the Thai New Year, celebrated nation­wide from April 13-15 yearly. It is a time when much of the worries of […]

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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ABOUT ANDAMAN District of Andaman is Northern Part of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and comprises of 550 Islands, Islets and rocks out of which only 26 are inhabited. Some of these islands are large such as Middle Andaman, North Andaman, South Andaman, Baratang and Little Andaman islands. The northern most islands is Landfall and southern […]

China’s Little Venice

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Not far from Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is an ancient town located on the banks of the Dianshan Lake in Qingpu district. It is said to be 1700 years old and is one of the best preserved ancient towns of China. It’s waterways and boats give it a special charm. Hence the name little Venice suits it […]

Phang-Nga, The Island of Sacramanga

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Situated as it is by the Andaman Sea Phang-Nga’s scenic views of forests and islands, green waters, blue skies and rugged cliffs attract Nature lovers who are mesmerized by its beauty. It has many national parks, the most famous being Phang-Nga National Park. This is a geological wonder with islets, sunken, caverns and exotic rock […]


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Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city founded in the 11th century, has maintained its local atmosphere, and charm. “Bat Dambang” literally means “lost staff”. Legend has it that King Kron Nhong threw his wooden staff from Angkor (of Angkok Wat Temples fame) and it landed where present day Battambang stands. The legend is commemorated by a […]


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Rockfort Trichy or Tiruchirappalli, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It was a citadel of the early Cholas which later fell to the Pallavas. Trichy is a fine blend of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. Apart from the Fort, there are several […]


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DESTINATION OF THE WEEKCHINA’S CHENGDE – A FORESTED MOUNTAIN RESORT Chengde lies in a valley in northern Hebei Province about 163 km/100 miles from Beijing It is known in China as “Mountain Hamlet for Escaping the Heat” (Bishu Shanzhuang) as it was the hill resort of the former Imperial family. The area of the resort […]


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JAPAN’S HIROSHIMA: THE CITY THAT ROSE FROM ASHES Hiroshima Now a Modern Metropolis Sixth August 1945 is etched in many minds, the date when Honshu’s largest city witnessed the devastating and horrific effects of the atom bomb. Today millions visit it to pay their respects. Hiroshima on the western end of the Inland Sea has […]